Top 10 Worst Kitchen Fails Of All Time – Can You Cook Any Better?

Have you ever tried to make a TV or a website recipe and failed in the attempt? It couldn’t be any worse than the people responsible for these epic kitchen fails.

In this gallery you are going to see some of the worst kitchen fails ever. Some are quite dangerous mistakes by apprentice chefes while others are just plain silly.

Maybe after seeing this kitchen disaster gallery you won’t feel so bad about your own cooking.

1. Vomiting Bread Buns

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Don`t these lovely bread buns look delicious? Who wants to try one?

2. When Your Child Asks For A hedgehog Cake, You have To Try

Never knew hedgehogs had teeth like that. LOL

3. Brings A Whole New Meaning To Hell`s Kitchen

Did you know pressure cookers where so dangerous? Maybe some people should leave cooking to the professionals.

4. Oh Please Don’t Cook Me!

We did warn you!!

5. I’m Too Scared To Eat My Eggs Today

I am sure I have seen this egg before, maybe in the Pixar movie Antz.

6. I Was Wondering Where My Glasses Where

It`s funny how I always need my glasses to find my glasses.

7. It Wasn`t Supposed To Be A Lava Cake

This is what happens when you get distracted by your phone. Leave it alone while you cook or disaster strikes.

8. Mummy I Want A Monkey Cake

Close Enough. Could do without the snotty nose though, it kinda puts people off eating it.

9. When Husbands Decide To Surprise Their Wives In The Kitchen.

The wives end up more shocked than surprised.

10. Seemed Liked A Good Idea At The Time

Guess we need to order a pizza in instead.

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