Can You Spot The Animals Hiding In These 12 Wildlife Pictures

See if you can find all the animals hiding in these wildlife pictures. They are all well hidden and so it’s going to take a keen high eye to spot them.

Whether the hunter or the hunted every creature big or small needs an advantage to survive and mother nature has been generous enough to give some animals the amazing ability to blend into their environment. Here are a few examples of animals using their brilliant camouflage to hide, see if you can spot them.

1. Giraffe

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2. Wolf

3. Willow Ptarmigan

The Willow Ptarmigan is part of the pheasant family and while most of the year they have brown feathers during the winter they grow white feathers so that they may blend in with the snowy background.

4. Caiman

5. Blue-crowned Parrot

Can’t find him? Here is a clue, the blue-crowned parakeet is all green except for a small blue section on it’s head hence the name blue crown. These birds are native to the Amazon rain forest in South America.

6. Horned Adder

As you can see this snake is a master of camouflage.

7. Leopard

Can you see it?

8. Spotted Deer

But have you spotted him?

9. Impala

10. Cheetah

No cheating on this one.

11. Nighthawk

12. Coyote

Did You Manage To Find All The Animals Hiding In These Wildlife pictures?

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