10 Insane Pictures You Wont Believe Are Not Photoshopped

Check out our collection of the most craziest pictures on the web. They are so insane you won’t believe they are not photoshopped.

Terror Beneath The Sea


This picture may look like a sea monster is attacking but it is actually sea plants being tossed around by the waves.

Split Image


At first glance it looks like two different pictures have been stuck together but once again this is a genuine photo. The trees show were a recent flood had reached while the upper half was untouched by the storm.

Can You See The Gecko?


It may look like a bunch of leaves but hiding in the picture is a creature called the Leaf Gecko who is a master of camouflage.

Anything To Declare?


While some people joke about sneaking on board a plane by hiding inside a suitcase one couple actually did try to smuggle their child by squeezing him to a case.

Luckily airport scanners caught the crazy act.

God’s Footprint


This photo was taken in Australia and if the footprint in the clouds wasn’t awesome enough there is also a rainbow shinning through the middle.

Nothing Like Breaking A Wave On a Motocross Bike!


While this picture surely looks photoshopped it is hundred percent real. Australian Daredevil Robbie Maddison has built one of the first amphibious motorcycles in the world and it is awesome.

Prepare To Jump!


It may seem like this truck is about to make a leap of faith but it is actually traveling over the storseisundet bridge in Norway. It is one of the most craziest bridges in the world.

Storm Of The Century


Do you remember the action adventure movie Mummy returns were the mummy controls the sea and chases after Brendan Fraser? Well this is nature’s own version.

It was captured by photographer on the Canadian side of Lake Erie.

Beauty In The Middle of Chaos


You would be forgiven for thinking this picture was photoshopped too. It was taken during a fly over of a disaster area in 2013. This swimming pool was found to be untouched by the flood.

Too Close For Comfort


This flood wall was built to protect a little town in Austria. One year the river rose to an all time high and was inches from pouring over the edge and flooding the town.

Luckily for these residents this was the highest point it reached.

Article Source – Virtual Today