Monk Meditating In Boiling Oil – Is It Real Or Fake?

A video showing a monk meditating in boiling oil has recently gone mega viral on the internet but is the video actually real. Continue reading to find out.

Is it really possible for someone to sit in boiling oil and feel nothing? Well apparently this Tai monk did it. This event was captured in Thailand’s Nong Bua Lamphu province and was Transmitted live by youtube.

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As soon as the video spread over the internet, many people questioned whether the oil was indeed hot, as the vast majority of people do not understand how it could be possible for the meditating monk to be immune to the boiling oil.

In the video, this meditating monk is seen sharing his magical powers with others, touching objects that pass to him. His followers believe that his touch can make his amulets or pieces of fabric “energized.” Subsequently, these objects are apparently sold to the villagers. And it is this income that justifies and apparently sustains the whole shows.

According to science instructor Jessada Denduangboripant of Chulalongkorn University, there is no proof that the oil in the video is actually boiling. “The only way to prove this is to measure the temperature of the oil where it sits,” he said. “The oil does not seem to be boiling, and the pan looks strange. The pan could possible have two layers in order to insulate the heat. ”

Buddhist monks have been giving these type of demonstrations for years in order to show the world what is possible when in an altered state of consciousness.

I do not have an opinion formed on whether the monk meditating is actually sat in a bowl of boiling oil but then monks have performed intriguing feats regarding exposure of the body at high temperatures.

An example? The walk on the fire:

The walk on hot coals has existed for several thousand years, with records dating back to 1200 BC, appearing in cultures across the globe, from Greece to China, walking on hot coals is used in rituals of healing, initiation and faith demonstration.

There are also cases in which people seem to have an extremely high pain threshold, which would explain cases like the guy in the picture below, who fries snacks o a daily basis and dips is hands into boiling oil without pain or injury.

Another question that arises is whether a monk would hold the boiling oil without showing any pain. It would be possible?
I would say yes. There are many recorded cases in which monks have meditated until their vital organs stop. Overcoming the pain sensation would be one of the monks’ abilities.

Bizarre, right?

Source; Funky news monkey