Did You Know There Is A Lego Restaurant That Makes Lego Burgers?

A new Burger restaurant has recently opened up which has a lego theme. It is called Brick Burger and the customers are going crazy for their lego shaped burgers.

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The restaurant also serves hot dogs, chicken wings and pasta dishes but it’s specialty is the Lego Burger. They also have deserts with lego blocks hidden inside.

The owner also likes to hold competitions for customers to see who can eat a monster burger meal, prizes are usually lego sets. Which I suppose is whats expected from a lego themed diner.

The lego burgers are available in numerous different colors with each having their own extremely delicious ingredients, unfortunately if you want to devour one of this block sandwiches you gonna have to travel all the way to the Philippines.

At the Brick Burger it`s not just the food that impresses, the entire restaurant is decorated with lego figures and buildings.

They even have a Lego model of their own restaurant.

To keep the customers from getting bored while waiting for their food there is hundreds of Lego blocks to build something creative. Just don’t get carried away and start playing with your brick burger too.

Would You Love To Sink Your Teeth Into One Of These Delicious Lego Burgers?

Maybe one day one of these restaurants will open up in your home town.

Article Source – Incredible Things