10 Incredible Close Up Shots Of Animals’ Eyes You Must See

Have you heard of photographer Suren Manvelyan? He likes to produce a very particular kind of pictures and to photograph eyes – yes, eyes.

At first, the photos Suren photographed were only human-eyes but he soon discovered the variety and beauty animals’ also contain. He then made a deal with numerous zoos and started snapping away at animal eyes.

Check out some incredible shots made by him and then, in the comments, tell us what your favorite pictures are.

1. Owl

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2. Camel Eye

3. Hippo Eye

4. Lizard Eye

5. Fox Eye

6. Lhama Eye

7. Crocodile Eye

8. Horse Eye

9. Indian Python Eye

10. Fish Eye

Manvelyan says he does not reveal his techniques, but says the hard part is having to work with eye reflections. The photographs are produced with macro lenses, capable of capturing the smallest details of an image closely.

In a statement posted on the Wired site, the photographer says that many people have no idea that their eyes have so many micro structures and he did not even know it himself before he started taking pictures.

Among the animals with which he would like to work with next are octopuses because of their complex eye structure. He states that his work has a great field to accomplish and that it would be great to have access to several zoos to be able to photograph even more animals.

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