Dubai Becomes Home To The Tallest Water Slide in The World

Do you have the courage to face a water slide of this magnitude and if so who would you take with you for the plunge?

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Dubai is a wonderful city and has some of the greatest and most spectacular constructions on the planet but this water park is pure madness. The immense water slide promises to beat all records and so get prepped for the ride of your life which is pure insanity.

The adventure begins with a lift to the top that offers stunning panoramic views of the park so you can appreciate the view. Once at the top you just need to pluck up a great deal of courage before you dive into the adventure.

The big fall can make you reach the incredible speed of 65 mph. Which makes this slide not only the tallest but also the fastest in the world.

If you like adrenaline, this giant slide is perfect for you, but if you get to scared to let yourself go maybe it is worth the trip up just to enjoy the beautiful view.

So do you have the courage to ride this new water slide in Dubai?

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Original Source; Snopes