Incredible Cloud Formations That Look Too Crazy To Be Real

Discover some incredible cloud formations that look out of this world. We have selected some of the craziest types of cloud formation and included their names.

Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus are like giant cloud droplets, they are a rare example of clouds in sinking air. They are usually formed after a heavy thunderstorm.

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Roll Clouds

These clouds are relatively rare to see. They are tube shaped and usually appear to be rolling along a horizontal axis.

Polar Stratospheric Cloud

These clouds form at very high altitudes and in extremely cold temperatures and so are only ever seen in the poles.

Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds. Because of their bizarre shape they sometimes get mistaken for UFOs.

Undulatus Asperatus

The term Undulatus asperatus means “agitated waves” and are a new type of cloud not yet recognized by the World Meteorological Organization.

We know that for the formation of clouds it is necessary that part of the water vapor contained in the atmosphere condense, forming small droplets of water, or solidify, forming tiny crystals of ice. This formation, or cluster of ice crystals and droplets, is called cloudiness.

A feature that differentiates the various types of clouds is the height at which they form, or where their base and top are located. But, it is important to remember, that this height varies according to the geographical (latitudinal) position of the region in question. For example, in the tropical region the minimum height (low stage) and maximum height (high stage) of a cloud are usually 2 km and 18 km high respectively, while in the polar and temperate regions the distances are respectively 2 Km and 8 km, and 2 km and 13 km.

Because of this variation the clouds received international classification to identify the type of formation, altitude and other characteristics.

But you do not have to be any cloud expert to just look up at the sky and enjoy this beautiful cloud formations.

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