Brewery Creates Oreo Flavored Beer And It’s A Huge Success

An American brewery based in Virgina has created a special beer that is made with chocolate Oreos and it has become so successful it’s flying off the shelves faster than they can make it.

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The brew is called “Hornswoggler” and it’s made with a chocolate milk stout mixed with hundreds of Oreo cookies. But that’s not all, to sweeten it up even more the brewery have also added chunks of icing that float in the drink.

Hornswoggler is 7% proof so has a delicious chocolate taste and enough strength to give you a little kick.

The company launched the new Oreo-flavored beer on January 24th this year and all 64 cases sold out instantly. The brewery has since been bombarded with requests to make more and so hopefully it wont be long till they start producing Hornswoggler on a bigger scale.

The Veil Brewing Company are located in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond and still have some Oreo beer on draft so the lucky few who can make it to their taproom can still try some of this delicious brew.

Would you love to give Hornswoggler a try?

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